Salon style hair for a 1/4 of the price!

Being a student too, I’ve had to cut back on certain spendings – going to the hairdressers is one!

So with a lack of funds I decided to buy home dye. I wanted to go back to an ashey blonde and several friends recommend B blonde powder bleach (shown below) but I found it went a little too yellow for my liking! So, in the process of dying my hair back brown I found the answer! – Dark blonde hair dye!

Yeah that’s right, dark blonde (that almost looks brown)! So, firstly I used B blonde powder bleach mixed with the cream peroxide.

This was the result

Okay but as I mentioned a little yellow for my liking!

So after blow dying, and adding a little deep conditioner I applied another dye- Nice and easy, Natural dark blonde 160a for NO MORE THAN 5 MINUTES (this is the important bit otherwise it WILL go grey)…. Natural dark blonde 160a

And this was the result!

I love the silver tones and no more yellow tones. 🙂

Nice’n easy 5.61 @boots

B blonde hair powder bleach 5.61 @boots

B blonde cream peroxide £1 @ boots

Total: 12.22.

WARNING! Always do a strand test before using any hair dye.

I am not a professional!



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