Capoeira – Sheffields taste of Brazil

Capoeira is the latest martial art to break into the country and the Brazilian form is taking the City of Sheffield by storm.

Starting in a modest church hall on Chapel Walk, the club have expanded to doing classes at the Goodwin Sports Centre on Northumberland road and have plans to expand further, such is the demand. Like many, you may not know a thing about Capoeira, so I attended a class myself and asked Chris Boyer-Caramujo, who teaches Capoeira in Sheffield, to explain a little more about it.

So as well as learning that I looked like a complete fool, there is your basic lesson on Capoeira.

Taking lessons in Capoeira at the Cordão de Ouro Capoeira club in Sheffield is a fantastic way of keeping fit and meeting some fantastic people for a great student price of just £4. All of the members of the Thursday class that I attended were extremely friendly and make you feel as though you have been their for weeks so I can highly recommend giving it a go.

I can only presume that the completely amateur display for me has hardly wet your appetite, so watch the video below too see how it’s really done.

Visit the link below if you would like more information.


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