Free Blockbuster movies

Since we at The Sheffield Vibe are always on the look out for the best ways to save you some money, we have decided to publish the best student relevant-deals we come across.

Every single night my flatmates and I watch a film. Besides taking two hours arguing over what to watch, the other problem we have is the awful quality of the films that we stream or download. If only we could afford to go to Blockbuster every night. Well now you can, providing you are not already a member.

I don’t promise it will make you as happy as the LAD above

Make yourself a Blockbuster member today at any store in the country and you will qualify to receive one movie a night for two full weeks, absolutely free. I can’t see how you can complain with that.

So get yourself to any of the Sheffield Blockbuster stores near you, and sign up for a Blockbuster membership. If you are already a member, chances are someone in your house isn’t.

Sheffield stores:

Berkley precinct (Ecclesall road)

Chesterfield Road



Crystal Peaks



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