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Ghost hunting with the Sheffield Vibe and the delightful Mr P Dreadful.

We’ve all heard ghost stories and worry when we hear things go bump in the night without any rational explanation, so the team here at Sheffield Vibe took things into our own hands. We embarked on a late night tour of Sheffield with Mr P Dreadful and the Steel City Ghost tours.

We met Mr P Dreadful who was aptly dressed in a cape, a black top hat and accessorised with a black cane, at the stairs of the town hall at 7pm on a crisp and cool Thursday night. Dreadful then has the pleasure of telling us that he has shown 42,000 people around the city on his infamous tour; some of who have physically vomited in fear. Dreadful then explains that each of his stories has been the subject of intense research for 6 months but must have 3 separate eye witnesses before any research is even thought about. What a way to start the evening!

I could retell the ghoulish and traditional tales that were so eloquently and passionately told but it would never do them justice and plus it would ruin the suspense! The city of Sheffield seems different now: so much more dramatic and eerie.

Just meeting Mr Dreadful alone is worth the £4.00 tour fee. His whole demeanor is unlike anything the Sheffield Vibe have seen before- his watchful eyes which flicker, drop and linger and the simple but unnerving fact that Dreadful says he can see ghosts and has done all his life. All this adds to the spooky atmosphere this man creates by just being in his presence.

There are tours on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and private tours are available every day of the year except boxing day- what dedication this man has! Students pay only £4.00 for the two and a half hour tour, and the Sheffield Vibe cannot urge you enough to spend a night with Mr P Dreadful. Grab a couple of your friends and meet him on the steps of the town hall at 7pm- that is if you dare! For more information visit:

The Sheffield Vibe team with Mr P Dreadful

After our encounter with the supernatural, the Sheffield Vibe team are firm believers but how much of the UK actually believe in ghosts?