A Saturday night out for £11 at the Sheffield Steelers

After two weeks of fantastic deals on films and DVD’s, i’m guessing your getting a little sick of staying in. This week we have the perfect, and most importantly cheap, way for you to get out on a Friday night.

Most of us students are used to going out on a week night, because drinks are usually dirt cheap. I certainly would not dream of paying more than £2 a drink on a weeknight. For this reason, we don’t go out on a Saturday, because student deals hibernate and we end up paying upwards of £3 for a vodka and coke. I don’t know about you, but the least I spend when I rarely venture out on a weekend is £40. Most of us only spend that amount all week.

Unfortunately I can not offer you a night out on the town, but I can offer you a great alternative. It will not cost you £40, it will cost you just £11. What I am suggesting is going to watch the Sheffield Steelers take on Edinburgh this Saturday at the Motorpoint Arena. They are the Sheffield Ice Hockey team. I am guessing that you might be thinking that Ice Hockey just isn’t your scene. That is precisely what I thought when I went to my first match but it turned out to be one hell of an experience. I have been to over a hundred football matches and the atmosphere at hockey games is be as good, if not better.

The whole crowd gets behind the team and suddenly everyone in the crowd gets involved.

Considering you can pay over £20 for admission into football games in the third tier of English football, Sheffield United and Wednesday included, £11 student entry to a game full of entertainment and incredible atmosphere is outstanding value.


Prices increase to £12 on the night. Remember to take your student card not to get stung with a higher price!


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