Deal of the week! (week2)

So, we move onto the next week of our ‘deal of the week’ section, and we think we have dug you out a cracker.

If you followed our deal from last week, where you could have 2 full weeks of free films from Blockbuster, you might be wondering what you will do when the 2 weeks unfortunately comes to an end. We have the perfect solution.

The other slight problem we have when renting films is that they have all been released for months before they have come out on DVD. That means all the films we are actually dying to watch at the moment, like Safe House, Project X and 21 Jump Street (out friday) are safely locked inside the cinema, and we don’t want to pay the extortionate price to see them.

As ever though, we have found a way to side-step the full price, and get you in for a fraction of the cost.

At Odeon cinema, a full price cinema ticket is £7. It is a reasonable (ish) price until you add on the ridiculous £3.70 for a drink and £4 for popcorn. What would you say though, if we could get you in Odeon to watch any film you like, for under the price of a drink? Well we can, and with change to spare.

Using your NUS card, the price of a student concession is just £5.95. However, you can halve that price if you or the person you are going with is an Orange mobile customer. Text FILM to 241 from your Orange phone and get a code which allows you to get you and your mate in for half the price on a Wednesday. That £5.95 then becomes £2.975. (lets call that £2.98).

£2.98 will get you a pint if you are lucky. Most of us enjoy a cold one, but I think we can all agree where the value is at here.



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