Hallam student loses student loan to gambling addiction

Hallam student Tom Price has lost his £700 student loan to gambling in the space of just 4 days.

Because Tom’s parents do not earn a major financial income, he is eligible to receive the highest possible student loan to support him in his University life. Unfortunately, Tom decided that he was not going to budget for his last 8 weeks at Sheffield Hallam and went for broke.

One risky trip to the casino and a very expensive gambling spree on the internet later, Tom was £700 down and without a penny to his name.

Tom admits that the gambling has obviously become a bad habit:

“I never thought that it would get out of hand really. I used to bet a few quid on the football but it grew from there. I won £500 once off just £3 and in the long-run that was a bad thing because I suddenly felt I couldn’t lose.”

As you have just heard, Tom is not on his own when it comes to irrationally spending student loans. One girl spent £950 on a designer handbag!

Many of us struggle to keep in the black financially no matter how well we budget. Sometimes the loan just simply does not stretch long enough and the bank of Mum and dad well and truly dries up.

What many Sheffield Hallam students do not realise is that the University financial services can offer an extra loan to help support us when we are really struggling. I decided to speak to Chris, Hallam’s student finance advisor, on all things student loans.

Chris also mentioned that the most important thing a student can do with their loan is to “budget responsibly and stick to it by all means.” The problem is that Chris’s advice and the option of an extra loan is scarcely advertised.

See the details below if you would like more information on the Sheffield Hallam University Financial Services.

Student Financial Support Centre
Visit us in room 5214, Surrey Building at City or the Heart of the Campus at Collegiate.
Email: sfs@shu.ac.uk
Phone: 0114 225 2184 (City) or 0114 225 2491 (Collegiate)


Capoeira – Sheffields taste of Brazil

Capoeira is the latest martial art to break into the country and this Brazilian form is starting to take the City of Sheffield by storm.

Starting in a modest church hall on Chapel Walk, the club have expanded to doing classes at the Goodwin Sports Centre on Northumberland road and have plans to expand further, such is the demand. Like many, you may not know a thing about Capoeira, so I attended a class myself and asked Chris Boyer-Caramujo, who teaches Capoeira in Sheffield, to explain a little more about it.

So as well as learning that I looked like a complete fool, there is your basic lesson on Capoeira.

Taking lessons in Capoeira at the Cordão de Ouro Capoeira club in Sheffield is a fantastic way of keeping fit and meeting some fantastic people for a great student price of just £4. All of the members of the Thursday class that I attended were extremely friendly and make you feel as though you have been their for weeks so I can highly recommend giving it a go.

I can only presume that the completely amateur display for me has hardly wet your appetite, so watch the video below too see how it’s really done.

Visit the link below if you would like more information.


Indoor paintball session for £1

Sign up to KGB deals today to get an exclusive voucher code that entitles 2 people to a full session of indoor paintball for just £3. £1.50 per person.

If there is 5 of you, there is another code that entitles you to a full session for £5 for the group. That’s just £1 per person.

So get yourself down to Asylum Paintball, Scotland street, Sheffield, for a game of paintball for 6% of the normal price.


Ghost hunting with the Sheffield Vibe and the delightful Mr P Dreadful.

We’ve all heard ghost stories and worry when we hear things go bump in the night without any rational explanation, so the team here at Sheffield Vibe took things into our own hands. We embarked on a late night tour of Sheffield with Mr P Dreadful and the Steel City Ghost tours.

We met Mr P Dreadful who was aptly dressed in a cape, a black top hat and accessorised with a black cane, at the stairs of the town hall at 7pm on a crisp and cool Thursday night. Dreadful then has the pleasure of telling us that he has shown 42,000 people around the city on his infamous tour; some of who have physically vomited in fear. Dreadful then explains that each of his stories has been the subject of intense research for 6 months but must have 3 separate eye witnesses before any research is even thought about. What a way to start the evening!

I could retell the ghoulish and traditional tales that were so eloquently and passionately told but it would never do them justice and plus it would ruin the suspense! The city of Sheffield seems different now: so much more dramatic and eerie.

Just meeting Mr Dreadful alone is worth the £4.00 tour fee. His whole demeanor is unlike anything the Sheffield Vibe have seen before- his watchful eyes which flicker, drop and linger and the simple but unnerving fact that Dreadful says he can see ghosts and has done all his life. All this adds to the spooky atmosphere this man creates by just being in his presence.

There are tours on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and private tours are available every day of the year except boxing day- what dedication this man has! Students pay only £4.00 for the two and a half hour tour, and the Sheffield Vibe cannot urge you enough to spend a night with Mr P Dreadful. Grab a couple of your friends and meet him on the steps of the town hall at 7pm- that is if you dare! For more information visit: http://www.steelcityghosttours.co.uk/

The Sheffield Vibe team with Mr P Dreadful

After our encounter with the supernatural, the Sheffield Vibe team are firm believers but how much of the UK actually believe in ghosts?

Hallam student – “I made £13,500 in 6 weeks!”

First year Sheffield Hallam student Luke Finney came up with the perfect alternative to what he calls “tiny student loans”. He decided to set up an online business in his modest student accommodation, and is now making thousands from the comfort of his own room.

No £5 an hour bar job for this first year student.

Luke decided to set-up shop by buying wholesale electrical goods from China and drop-shipping the items straight to his customers. That meant that Luke would have his wholesaler send the items directly to his customers, so that he would save on postage and packaging.

“I don’t even see some of the stuff I sell. I buy most of it from my associates in China who send it directly to my Ebay customers.”

“The item I have made most money from are tablets. They are a budget version of the Ipad. I buy them for £60 and sell them for £99.99.”

The Zepad: the budget version of the Apple Ipad that Luke sells for £99.99

Luke is just an ordinary first year student who had an extraordinary business idea

The quantity surveying student could not have dreamed of a better Christmas and it took him a while to realise that what he was doing could really make him so much money.

“At first I was skeptical and just presumed that there would be something wrong with the item so I sold one or two to test it out. Before I knew it the Christmas shoppers were out in force and they were snapping them up quicker than I could track them.”

Previously earning just £80-a-week back at home in Stoke-On-Trent in a retail store, Luke had never envisaged earning such a vast amount of money. In the 6 week period leading up to Christmas, Luke earned £13,500. At his previous job, that would have taken him over 3 years.

The 18-year-old is keen to find new ventures. He plans to branch out into larger electrical items in order to increase his profit margin. However, he is keeping his feet firmly on the floor.

“I know what I managed to do was fantastic, but these sort of deals are not a regular occurrence.  I’ve treated myself to a few expensive purchases and the rounds have been on me for the past few months but this money wont last forever.”

“It would be stupid to get ahead of myself, my degree is still my priority.”


Mothers day

Mothers Day on the cheap but SSHH

The Sheffield Vibe is here to do what we do best- giving you the heads up on the best deals and with Mothers Days creeping up we got our thinking heads on to make that day extra special (but on the cheap). Whether its making her breakfast in bed, being presented by a lovely bunch of flowers or just a big tight hug that lasts a little longer than normal- make sure to give your mum special attention on Mothers day.

Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive because lets face it she can buy herself something fancy and frivolous all year round. It can be anything from a simple visit to say ‘hey’, a telephone call or a homemade card with bright yellow daffodils on the front because they’re her favourite flower. Why not take up John Lewis on their offer of a free bunch of flowers for every online order with a named day delivery? Or why not buy a bunch of Bluebells from Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice for £5.00 including post and packaging, you are buying your mum a present and helping children with a shortened life expectancy, perfect!

Lisa Davies, mum to three children said, “Mother’s Day is a little pause in the year; a break from the noise of every day life to stand in front of your mum and say ‘today I am thinking of you and only you’” We think that sums up Mother’s Day very nicely indeed!

Deal of the week! (week2)

So, we move onto the next week of our ‘deal of the week’ section, and we think we have dug you out a cracker.

If you followed our deal from last week, where you could have 2 full weeks of free films from Blockbuster, you might be wondering what you will do when the 2 weeks unfortunately comes to an end. We have the perfect solution.

The other slight problem we have when renting films is that they have all been released for months before they have come out on DVD. That means all the films we are actually dying to watch at the moment, like Safe House, Project X and 21 Jump Street (out friday) are safely locked inside the cinema, and we don’t want to pay the extortionate price to see them.

As ever though, we have found a way to side-step the full price, and get you in for a fraction of the cost.

At Odeon cinema, a full price cinema ticket is £7. It is a reasonable (ish) price until you add on the ridiculous £3.70 for a drink and £4 for popcorn. What would you say though, if we could get you in Odeon to watch any film you like, for under the price of a drink? Well we can, and with change to spare.

Using your NUS card, the price of a student concession is just £5.95. However, you can halve that price if you or the person you are going with is an Orange mobile customer. Text FILM to 241 from your Orange phone and get a code which allows you to get you and your mate in for half the price on a Wednesday. That £5.95 then becomes £2.975. (lets call that £2.98).

£2.98 will get you a pint if you are lucky. Most of us enjoy a cold one, but I think we can all agree where the value is at here.